30/50/50 Triple Can Combo Special
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30/50/50 Triple Can Combo Special

You get three cans in one combo with special savings on shipping because the 30 cal can fits in the 50 cal can which then fits in the 50 FAT can. Ship Wt is 15 lbs.

30 Cal
The 30 Cal is also known as 7.62MM and M19A1.  Made from rugged metal, features a hinged lid with tension clamp down, a rubber seal on lid and a carrying handle. Dimensions: 10inches long x 3.5inches wide x 7 inches high.

M2A1 50 Cal
Used to hold 840 rounds of 5.56, and various other goods so the stenciling may be of other types of ammo. This can is made of carbon steel.
Dimensions: 11 inches long x 5.5 inches wide x 7 inches high.

These ammo cans may come from different parts of the military, so even though they do or do not say 50 Cal on the side of the can, they are indeed, empty 50 Cal ammo cans. 

Fat 50
These cans are like the regular 50 cal ammo cans but a little wider and taller. Cans have a removable lid with a rubber seal, flat folding handle on top for carrying, lever-lock lid and constructed of heavy gauge metal.
Dimensions: 12 inches long x 6.75 inches wide x 8.5 inches high.

You will SAVE on  shipping by ordering this Combo Special.

Please note:  The outside of the can may have light exterior rust from storage, small paint dings, and/or surface scratches. The inside of the can will be free from rust and/or paint chips. The lid will be fully functional with all pins and watertight rubber seal.

  • Item #: 305050Combo
  • Manufacturer: Genuine Military Issue
  • Condition: Used

30/50/50 Triple Can Combo Special

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