New Orleans famous Red Beans & Rice. These ARE the Red Beans.
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12# minimum order.

One question we get is, “These are just dried beans – so what makes yours different?” Well, there are government standards, and then there’s “the Hayward standard.” That’s the name the bean growers we do business with (some for generations) give to beans above the top USDA grade. They set these beans aside for us because while others might go for a lower price, we go for highest quality. So our Camellia Brand logo means you get: the most delicious, creamy, flavorful, fastest cooking beans you will ever find on a grocery store shelf. Oh, by the way and for the record, all of our beans are non-GMO (not genetically modified in any way). You get approximately six servings of cooked beans from one pound of dried beans.

All our dried beans are available in these quantities: One pound packed in clear bags (see image) for quantities from 1-24lbs per variety. Bulk orders are shipped in 25lb heavy bags (minimum 25# per variety) or Buy a Pallet of seventy 25#bags (OK to assort).

For long term storage we will vacuum pack your beans in Mylar bags using Oxygen Absorbers and Desiccant, then seal them in food grade heavy duty (90mil) 5 gallon buckets which will hold approximatly 32 to 36 pounds per bucket depending on the variety. 

Beans are a commodity and prices often move rapidly. Affordable long term food storage is now available on your family budget. For information on shipping larger quantities please email: OR call 334-707-4492.

Diets including beans may reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Dried beans, peas and lentils are a naturally grown, raw agricultural product. Although they have been mechanically cleaned before packing, some foreign material may be present. Wash and carfully sort before cooking.


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Beans Red Kidney 1#

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