Egg Cartons 2x6 (200ct) Bundle

We offer a wide variety of cartons with a choice of colors. Our cartons are designed to provide egg protection during the packaging and distribution process. Polystyrene egg cartons are strong, lightweight, and easy to handle. They are leak-proof and moisture resistant with excellent insulation properties. Custom graphics may be produced with customer supplied artwork.

Our foam egg cartons are available in regular, jumbo, six packs, and eighteen egg cartons. Foam cartons may be produced in white, yellow, pink, lavender, blue, green, and tan. We provide custom graphics and printing on large production runs. Depending on the approval process, first time orders can be produced within two weeks. Our egg cartons are packaged 200 per bundle and are available in full or partial truckloads. We will ship via UPS for single bundle orders and use motor freight for larger pallet size orders. One pallet will contain 16 bundles (3,200 cartons) and measures 40"x48"x96" weighing 175 lbs. per pallet.

We offer FREE delivery for bundle and pallet orders to Southwest Louisiana communities. Just call to confirm and schedule: 334.707.4492.

  • Item #: 2x6(200)
  • Manufacturer: Foam Packaging, Inc.
  • Condition: New

Egg Cartons 2x6 (200ct) Bundle

Price: $66.00
2 or more: $60.00 each
4 or more: $50.00 each
6 or more: $46.00 each
12 or more: $42.00 each
16 or more: $36.00 each
32 or more: $32.00 each
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