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These special two-piece Gamma Seal Lids transforms most 3.5 to 7 gallon plastic buckets (12" diameter) into a rugged, gasketed, resealable storage container that's both air-tight and water-tight. Just snap the outer ring down onto your bucket. The threaded lid turns easily with molded-in grip bars. These food grade lids are heavy duty for years of safe reliable service. The ring has a polymer gasket where it seats against the lid of your bucket, and the threaded lid has another polymer gasket, giving the container an air-tight, water-tight seal that excludes not only mice and insects, but moisture too.

The Gamma Seal lid transforms an ordinary bucket
into the ideal storage vault for an endless list of materials from grain and other foods to laundry products, pet food, tools, documents, lawn and garden products, bait, seeds, oil, disaster supplies... and on and on. They also make lightweight, super-strong, watertight totes for camping gear. And did we mention that they're stackable? Our customers come back for more of these. (Make your life easier by ordering a few more the first time?)

All Gamma Lid plastics are food safe, including "heavy-metal-free" pigment in the colored lids, and all Gamma products are BPA-free. Gamma Seal lids do not include the bucket. If you need buckets (also made with food-safe resins), they're also available separately.

 Do you use these handy lids on your food storage pails? They are so easy to get on and off, people often like to replace the snap-on lids that come with most large pails with the cadillac of plastic lids - the Gamma Seal. The Gamma Seal lid spins on and off so effortlessly, even a child can take it off and put it on.

How To Close Your Gamma Seal Lid The Right Way

The tighter the better, right? Nope. Not with Gamma Seal lids. When you close your Gamma lid, you want to spin it until it stops and then tighten it down just a tiny bit more, about a quarter inch. Yes, I know, if you really crank on it, you can easily get the lid to turn two or even three inches more and give yourself a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the contents of your pail are safe and snug. Problem is that you'll eventually ruin the gasket on the lid this way. And the extra torquing is unnecessary, even damaging.

What happens when you twist the lid on so tight is you squeeze the gasket between the lid and the pail much harder than it needs to be squeezed; harder than it was meant to be squeezed. In so doing, you mis-shape the gasket a little bit each time you close the lid too tightly. And eventually, it will weaken the seal.

So save your amazing strength for more productive things like hand grinding your wheat or hoisting your two year old up on the counter to help you knead bread dough. And only tighten the Gamma lid down about a quarter of an inch after it stops spinning closed on its own. This will ensure your Gamma Seal lids retain their excellent air and water tight seals for many years to come.

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Gamma Seal Blue

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