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Emergency and crisis events always catch people off guard. It's only a matter of time till the next event comes along. When that event arrives Saia Wholesale wants you to be prepared.

We suggest there will only be two groups of survivors after a tragic event:

1. The 'Prepared' will be somewhat comfortable having made provision for family and friends.

2. The 'UNprepared' will be absolutely uncomfortable and dependent on government or other help.

Please join group number one, 'The Prepared' who have made preparations and will be somewhat comfortable during and after the next crisis or emergency event. We understand it could be a natural event like a storm, flood, earthquake or tornado OR it could be a man made event such as an act of terrorism or political unrest.

In either event it makes sense to be prepared with food, shelter, first aid and defense items to protect your loved ones. Saia Wholesale is here to help you get prepared for whatever will come along.

Glass jars and lids along with food grade 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Seal lids are all available at very affordable prices. Order in larger lots for best pricing. Some folk get together with friends and place a coop order to save even more on shipping. Let us know how we can serve your needs today.